There is nothing I like better than the experience of cold-water sea dipping, as a creative I often feel the need to clear my head space and submerging in the water is the perfect cure for me. I am very proud to be part of an inspiring group of human beings known as ‘The Bluetits’. We have been dipping throughout the 4 seasons of the year since 2020, battling the wind, rain, cold and the mighty Atlantic Ocean on the North Coast of Cornwall. The emotive pleasure when I hear the joy, laughter and screams as the cold water hits the flesh and the chatter afterwards (whilst cake and hot drinks are being eaten to keep warm), is truly a wonderful headspace to experience. The feeling of freedom allows my creativity to evolve even further.

 ‘Do I Dip!’ china mugs (can be purchased at £12 plus standard postage and packaging)


The design comes from a series of illustrations related to my love of the sea, I also have a collection of card designs showing bathers, the sea, surfers and crabs, these can also be purchased.

If you are interested in wild swimming, I recommend viewing the information on the The Bluetits Chill Swimmers